Nicola is also the CEO of Nine to Thrive

What you do today determines who you will be tomorrow

At one time or another, most of us question where we are, how we got here & where we are going be that in work or in life;  it is in our nature to be curious, to explore & to evolve. 

When we find ourselves day dreaming about another way of living or being, it is a sign that something within us is ready to be ignited & transformed. 

This is your moment of truth. With heart & with courage ask yourself if you are ready & willing to  make the most important investment of your life. Then find yourself a great coach. 

Make no mistake that coaching is an investment you'll return many times over.

Three Simple Solutions

Single Session Coaching 

Not everyone wants to commit to long term therapeutic work.  At times we just need to have a focused session, with a trained professional, on a specific topic or issue at a specific point in time. 

The goal of the session

  • To help you get ‘unstuck’
  • To help  you take a few steps forward, which may help you to travel the rest of the journey without professional assistance.





The Ultimate Coaching Experience - 10 sessions

We don't just talk we create. This experience will challenge the way you see yourself so you can live a life that will serve your highest good & greatest success. 

Together we will creatively pursue what is you want to change so that you may bring it into rich existence. 


Rest & Reset Retreat


A tailored retreat experience 

You say what you would like to get out of the retreat, how far you would like to travel & what your budget is. 



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