Nicola is also the CEO of Nine to Thrive

You + me = Amazing things happen

I help ambitious professionals build a life & career where they feel powerful, congruent, successful & liberated. Despite what other coaches tell you there is no one proven coaching method, every client is uniquely different, therefore I work with what you bring; you are the content, you are the creator of your success, and you are the proven method that others will want to learn from. Be present, be passionately committed to the work that needs to be done & be brave; this is the only way to achieve unparalleled results and fulfillment.


You're one decision away from a transforming life experience.

One Powerful Conversation

This conversation will probably be the most impactful two hours of your life.

In the two hours we have together I will serve you fiercely. You will understand yourself intimately, transcend your limitations by expanding your vision beyond your fears & doubts and  to realise big, bold and game-changing results.

10 hours that change everything; Greater fulfillment, energy & wealth in your life.

We don't just talk we create. A powerful coaching experience that will challenge you to become greater than what you think is possible. To live a life that will serve your highest good & greatest success is not a fantasy it was your birthright.

Together we will creatively pursue what is you want to change so that you may bring it into rich existence. 


A Radical Retreat


You pick where, we agree when & three days that will transform your world.


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